For a good Start into your Day

Every great day starts with a fantastic breakfast. Therefore we focus especially on local & organic products...
Frühstück Graz

Our Breakfast

Off the record: We don’t compromise when it comes to our breakfast. Bread baked freshly, flavorsome coffee, tasty spreads, a rich choice of fruits, salmon, sparkling wine and much more are the very basics for starting your day in perfection.

Kaffee in Graz
Foto: Sheila @ Fotolia


Perfectly brewed coffee and a fine selection of teas is essential. To guarantee the best quality, we are provided regularly with premium coffee beans...


Organic and sustainable

Quality, not quantity. Local, not international. Premium, not mass. Nobody’s perfect, but we try it anyway. Improving our quality, we’re constantly concerned with lowering garbage, power saving and organic products...