Our Values

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.
(André Gide)

Being a passionate host means constantly reinventing yourself, not standing still. We’re motivated by the lasting social cohesion between guests, employees as well as all parts of the hotel. Thereby we can offer individual and personal service on a high level.

Our basic values at Hotel Feichtinger

1. Humanity in the center of action
Nothing is more important than men himself. To improve the wellbeing and pleasure for life, we’re centering personal needs for all decisions.

2. Courage for the new, without fear of change
Looking beyond one’s own nose is a matter of course. We don’t avoid taking new paths and letting go of old patterns. Creativity, dedication and our demand to make the world a little bit better every day motivates us to give our very best.

3. Together, not alone
At Hotel Feichtinger every person counts with his word and personality. We face each other with frankness, honesty and confidence. A respectful communications brings us closer together and is a valuable gain to the personal development.

4. No “Apple-Danish” mentality
Standardized solutions out of the booklet are an absolute no-no for us. We act in confidence, consideration, matching individual situations. Only in this way we can guarantee the best outcome.

5. Conscious and sustainable
A conscious and sustainable handling of resources is a big concern to us. All our decisions are taking ecological aspects towards environment, packing, garbage and an avoidance of emissions into consideration. Organic isn’t defined by a seal of approval but rather understood as a philosophy of lifestyle.