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Lend, the neighborhood of Hotel Feichtinger is spreading charm and a creative attitude of life. The scent of the farmers' market, the "dolce vita", the numerous offers of a high class gastronomy and fancy design shops. Not for nothing, Graz has been awarded as the "City of Design".

Kulturhauptstadt Graz
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Graz – The capital city

The vibrant city of Graz is the capital of the federal state of Styria. It accommodates 265.000 inhabitants and therefore is the second-largest city in Austria. Our Hotel Feichtinger is located in the very city center of Graz.

Lend Graz
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Lend – the urban neighborhood

In the so-called creative district around Lendplatz and Mariahilferstraße you can browse around shops looking for special, unique and beautiful designer products. Numerous design shops have settled here in past years...

Genuss in Graz
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Is it the relaxed southern ambiance in the city, enhancing all of your senses and giving you a great appetite? Is it the mild, sunny climate where fruit, vegetables and vineyards thriv? It's the high class gastronomy in Graz...

Kunst in Graz
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Arts & Culture

The sights of Graz – this doesn’t just mean Schlossberg, Kunsthaus or manifold architecture. This diversity and creative vision are the reason why Graz was named a UNESCO City of Design. Therefore...

Murinsel Graz
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Must Sees

Now we could list all the sights worth to see in Graz. However, the real life happens between Schlossberg and Murinsel. Find out what our team loves most to do...

Laufstrecke Graz

Special: Running Routes

A quantum of exploration delight and closeness to nature is inside of all of us. For a quick outdoor adventure you don’t have to undertake a round-the-world trip. Running shoes will do well as a start...