Our Vision

One thing is very important to us at Hotel Feichtinger Graz: it’s the human being that counts. We’ve found a short sentence that describes our values and behavior briefly: “We are the hotel with true cordiality, authentic individuality and urban flair.”

It’s a fast moving time we are living in. Sometimes we just forget to pause for thought or to look at the people around us in consciousness. At Hotel Feichtinger we want to offer you the perfect setting to feel homelike and where space for true cordiality is.

Where truthful people work

In our hotel, real people are working. Each member counts with his/her word, opinion and personality. We are as multifaceted as our guests and furthermore brave enough showing and living it. Standardized replies, regular solutions or pretentious emotions have to be found elsewhere. Individual passion for our guests isn’t any strain but only the result of true enthusiasm.